My Thrift Store Families


I was in a thrift store last year looking for some sewing patterns and found an envelope marked $5.00. Inside were some pictures of people from the early 1900’s that looked like they were related. In fact, several of the pictures were marked with names and one or two had dates written on them.

Wow! I thought, how can pictures as interesting as these have been donated to a thrift store? Did someone die without any family and someone unrelated had the task of cleaning out the household goods?  At any rate, I decided right then that I would buy the pictures, research the family on and post their pictures for other researchers to find and use. I have done this several times since then and call them my “Thrift Store Families”. Continue reading

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A Disposing Mind

Today I was talking to another researcher about a will that he transcribed for me and he said he figured out one of the words he just couldn’t decipher earlier.  He recently found the word – disposing – in several other wills he was working on. Here is how it was used in a sentence:

“I, Benjamin Hawkins of the county of Buncombe in the state of North Carolina being distressed in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory….” Continue reading

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The Launch

EGA, Inc. logoSo this is my new blog focusing on genealogy, history and all things ancestral. I want to share ideas on research techniques, preserving family artifacts and breaking down brick walls. Located in western North Carolina, my business, Edith Garrett & Associates, Inc., is focused on conducting research on families and their descendants who settled in these mountains. They are resilient, hardworking and talented people who live here and I find it endlessly interesting to read about their lives. In this blog I will describe new resources, unusual research techniques and first hand experiences working in genealogy.

Note – my friend Jay Maveety let me know that there are new records on in the North Carolina section. You’ll find new listings under Civil Action Records, County Marriages, Estate Files and Freedmans’ Bureau Records all updated in March, April and May of this year. Continue reading

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