Consulting Experience

Edith Garrett & Associates, Inc. has been in business since 2004 as a consultancy for research and technical support. In my previous work, I consulted for the food industry but in 2011, I transitioned the company to follow my interest in genealogy and today provide research and support in the family history industry.

I can provide consulting work in the following areas:

  • Finding Missing Heirs
  • Genealogical Records Retrieval in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina
  • Research to Break Through a Brick Wall in a Family Tree
  • Historic Photograph Identification
  • Digital Clean-up and Repair of Old Photographs
  • Family Tree Development
  • Writing, Editing and Publishing Books, Articles, Newsletters & Websites
  • Teaching Skills in Online and Records Research for Genealogy

I have worked for companies, attorneys, banks, schools and individuals to help find missing people and break through brick walls. Participating in programs and workshops provides me many opportunities to explore different subjects and network with those having similar interests. Writing and publishing help polish my research skills and knowledge of resources.

Please send a message through my Contact Page for more information.

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