In my previous career, I was a specialist on food safety issues in the produce industry. I wrote many technical papers and books, conducted workshops, managed trade conventions and promoted the industry. I became the president of the industry’s trade association in 1994, serving for ten years in Washington DC,  and I learned how government works and where records are kept. When I started working on organizing our family’s photographs and letters in 2004, the genealogy bug bit me severely and I haven’t looked back.

Capitalizing on my skills, I have been teaching courses on genealogy at OLLI, the College for Seniors at UNC Asheville, for the past three years, researching ancestors for clients, writing about family history and organizing family reunions. I volunteer regularly at the Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society as their Bookstore Manager and in 2015, I was elected to be president. There’s no turning back now!

I started this blog to stay in touch with my students and colleagues and continue to develop my research skills. I hope you can find something of interest and will leave your own comments so we can share an open dialogue about all things genealogy.


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