My Heritage Took a Left Turn!

I am sure something unusual has happened to you regarding who you thought you were. Maybe a relative told a story about your parent that surprised you or a new link to an American Indian way back in your lineage appears from nowhere. Some big discovery that reshaped how you thought of your world order.


Well, that happened to me this week. My husband and I have planned to visit Ireland since Christmas 2013 and we are finally going next week. We’re traveling with two other couples, our dear friends, who also wanted to see the Emerald Isle. All my genealogy friends have asked me if I’m researching my family and I’ve told everyone that I don’t have any direct Irish relatives, this was a trip for fun.

Well, that changed this week when I found out that 40% of my lineage is Irish on my mom’s side! Wow – that’s no small potatoes! So I’ve been wondering who I am since then – I knew there was Scandinavian, Eastern Europe and mostly British mixed in, but now I have a whole new culture to explore. And I’m going there next week!

I’ll write more during the trip. I don’t know a family surname yet, so I am an open book while I’m there. Hoping to experience the food, the lilt, the music and the land, I’ll try to describe how it feels to be in the home of my ancestors from a fresh new perspective.

And now I can better explain why I’m kind of stubborn, love a good story and have been known to enjoy a Guinness or three…

Hope your summer is exciting this year, too!

About Edith

I learned many things in my previous career, but the most important was that communication opens minds and changes lives. I want to apply the same to my new venture in genealogy because we can all benefit from sharing tips and techniques. I have really enjoyed teaching adult classes in genealogy research techniques and want this blog to act as an extension of that experience. I'm currently researching my family surnames including Hawkins, Thomas, Bolling, Alexander, Gudger and Rogers. Enjoy the hunt!
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